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Wie steht es um belarussische Oppositionelle Maria Kolesnikova? - Interview mit "Lena Petrowa", Freundin und Unterstützerin

Geers, Theo | 03. Dezember 2022, 08:20 Uhr

MINSK, BELARUS - SEPTEMBER 6, 2021: Belarusian opposition activist Maria Kolesnikova, who is a member of the Presidium of the opposition Coordination Council, appears for a sentencing hearing at the Minsk Region Court. The court found Kolesnikova guilty of conspiracy and participating in an extremist group and sentenced her to 11 years in prison. Belarus held a presidential election in August 2020. According to the Central Election Commission, incumbent President Lukashenko won. The first runner-up, opposition candidate Tikhanovskaya, refused to recognise the election results and fled the country. Later, Tikhanovskaya initiated the creation of the oppposition Coordination Council, with an aim of coordinating a transfer of power from the incumbent president and organising a new presidential election. After the 2020 Presidential Election, Belarusian Prosecutor General's Office opened a criminal investigation against members of the opposition's Coordination Council, accusing them of calls to seize power. Ramil Nasibulin/BelTA/TASS
Die belarussische Aktivistin Maria Kolesnikova wurde zu elf Jahren Haft verurteilt - Familie und Freunde sind um ihren Gesundheitszustand besorgt. (pa/dpa/BelTA/Ramil Nasibulin)